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Lal Bujhakkad asked...

Lal Bujhakkad was running to catch a bus to Umbala. He reached the bus terminal and was searching for the bus.
Lal Bujhakkad: (Asked to the conductor) Sir, is this my bus?
Conductor: No sir, this is not your bus, it’s Haryana transport's bus.
Lal Bujhakkad: (Annoyed) That’s a good joke. Don’t act too smart. What I meant was, can I take this bus to Umbala?
Conductor: No sir, you cannot! This bus is so BIG and you can’t take it.
Lal Bujhakkad: Its really funny! Now say me, will this bus take me to Umbala?
Conductor: No sir. The bus can’t take you. The bus driver will drive it to Umbala!
Lal Bujhakkad fainted!

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