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Disney's 'Magic Bench'

A new "Magic Bench" designed by Disney Research lets you interact with endearing animated characters and no special glasses or headsets are required.

Instead, the complete environment the seat, the sitter and the cartoon humanoid animals is mirrored on a screen opposite the bench, making it possible for others to watch the scene unfold.

How does the illusion work? A camera and sensor capture images and gather depth information about physical objects the bench and the person that algorithms integrate with the 3D animations, the researchers wrote in a study. Meanwhile, haptic sensors built into the bench deliver vibrations that are synchronized to animated actions on the screen, creating the illusion that the animated figures are occupying real-world space next to the user.

Augmented-reality overlays animated elements into views of the real world, typically by using special optical devices or mobile technology. However, one of its limitations is that its illusion can be glimpsed by only a single user.


Disney Research technicians presented the Magic Bench at SIGGRAPH 2017, an annual conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques, that was held in Los Angeles from July 30 to Aug. 3.

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