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The nuclear pulp

American scientists have calculated the strength of the material deep within the crust of neutron stars.These stars are the most resistant material in the univers but the question of the resistance of the crust of neutron stars is a problem in many astrophysical problems. And even beyond, since this is a physics model of extreme conditions. It is therefore to understand a little better the elasticity of this crust that American researchers come to realize the most important computer simulation ever conducted on this subject.

Recall that neutron stars are the result of the collapse of a massive star under the effect of its own gravity. They are extremely dense. 1014 times more than the nucleus of the Earth. Yet, like our planet, they have a crust. A crust at the edge of which there would exist strange structures, in the form of lasagna and spaghetti in particular, which scientists call "nuclear pulp".

"Nuclear pulps" and gravitational waves

After two million hours of calculations, the computers of American researchers have made their verdict: their existence remains hypothetical, but if it is true, the "nuclear pulp" must be 10 billion times more resistant than steel. A crazy figure that results from both the shape of these structures and the incredible density that governs their formation.

These results should help astrophysicists better understand gravitational waves such as those detected last year following the collision of two neutron stars. They even suggest that solitary neutron stars could generate small gravitational waves.

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